Mean machine

On the streets of London.

Fuji X-M1 with 27mm.


In a Berlin pub

Taken in December when we went to see the Christmas markets, before the guy drove into one of them. We had just been to the Gendarmenmarkt and popped in here for a schnitzel and a drink. The photo was taken on my little Olympus XA using HP5 film. Without opening up the whole ‘which is best – film or digital’ argument I would just say that there are times when I like the finish of an old film shot.

Continue or not?

I’ve been here before; the indecision over whether or not to continue posting. I have not put anything up since the end of January and I can see Poul at Perambulating Photographer  seems to have closed down. We’ll see.

Today’s photo was taken on Tuesday at the Duxford aircraft museum. Lots of great work going on there with the conservation of old aircraft, and their attempts to get some of them back in the air.

Nikon D7200 with 18-105mm.

Street portrait?

This was taken on a walking tour of the East End of London, looking for street art. I was struck by how similar the face looked to the guy on the bench. The artist goes under the ‘tag’ of C215, which you can see bottom left of the shot. More of his work can be seen online.

Fuji X-PRO1 with 35mm/2.0

Berlin food

Taken in the market that was hit by the truck; this was taken about 10 days before the incident and this stall was very close to the point where the lorry exited the market and went back onto the road. He’s giving a thumbs up for the sausages.

Fuji X-PRO1; 18mm/2.0; 1/250, f4.0 ISO3200

Black & Blue

The “Black & Blue” is a coffee shop/restaurant close to Borough Market. Part of it is in the arches underneath the railway. This shot was taken while the sun was coming in and showing up the texture of the bricks in one of the arches.

Fuji X100.


We had finished our trip on the Flying Scotsman at about 11:00pm in Victoria Station. With such a crowd I went to one of the other platforms to get a shot of the engine and rolling stock.

Fuji X-PRO1; 18mm; ISO800 @f2.0 and 1/30.

In a London cafe

Taken in Burberry’s cafe in London. She was sat at the next table and I liked the light on her face so I put the X100 on the table and took a sneaky shot. That’s when the X100 silent shutter comes into its own.