Borough Market

A great place to go with a camera. This chap was selling wild boar sausages and other good stuff – hence the boars head.

Fuji X-PRO1 with 35mm/2.0


In a market in Florence

Florence is a great city, especially for people. We were there for a few days in May last year – just as the UK election results came in. As you do, we spent a lot of time wandering the streets (and bag/shoe shops!) as well as a small, local, covered market. I got a number of candids, but particularly liked this one. It was a ‘grab’ shot taken a few meters away, and he did notice me, but said nothing – and I don’t speak Italian. Camera was Nikon D3100 with the kit 18-55 lens.


This guy was so chilled out, quite happy to wait until he got a ‘hire’ and happy to have his picture taken. As the sign says “Best Man”.

Fuji X100.

Gabriel’s Wharf, Southbank

In June I was trying out the Fuji X-PRO1 with the 35mm 2.0. The new lens is pretty quick on autofocus, although the X-PRO is considerably slower than a DSLR or the new X-PRO2. However, as I am not shooting sport with this camera, that’s not an issue for me. I really like the hybrid viewfinder, much like that on my old X100. Having said that, this was shot from the hip. He spotted me, but was not concerned. I found the camera was excellent in Borough Market when paired with the 18/2.0.

Windsor tourist

Waiting for the Old Guard to come out of Windsor castle. I had gone in for the morning for a ‘film’ trip, the digitals were left at home. This was taken with a Pentax LX and 135/2.5 tele on HP5 film. It’s nice to get the narrow depth of field with the ‘full frame’ size of a 35mm negative. Digital full frame is so expensive.

Try again

I have a problem understanding the whole ‘selfie thing’, and in the same way I had a problem with blogging – what was the point of it. I’m still not sure that I get it, but I thought I would give it another try. And, to make a fresh start, I decided to try WordPress. Maybe I’m a slow learner but at the moment I am struggling to get the whole thing together.

The photo was taken at Victoria Station, we were about to have an evening with dinner on the Flying Scotsman. I don’t know this couple, but I couldn’t resist a shot of them doing the selfie. Shot taken with Fuji X-PRO1 and 18mm.