Windsor tourist

Waiting for the Old Guard to come out of Windsor castle. I had gone in for the morning for a ‘film’ trip, the digitals were left at home. This was taken with a Pentax LX and 135/2.5 tele on HP5 film. It’s nice to get the narrow depth of field with the ‘full frame’ size of a 35mm negative. Digital full frame is so expensive.


3 thoughts on “Windsor tourist

  1. I sold my full frame Nikon D700 a few years ago to buy a Fuji X100S. I regret it now, but at the same rime I must say that the Fuji produce some amazing good files. I am looking around for a good second hand D700.
    Once again good to see you back blogging. I have clicked the subscribe button, but it doesn’t seem to work so I shall keep an eye out for your uploads manually.


  2. I have a D7200, which I really like but use mainly for wildlife and air-shows. I am still working out how WordPress hangs together, so I’ll try again with the Follow button.


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