In the zone

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Shot taken in Windsor on a ‘film’ day. Contax 167MT with Zeiss Sonnar 180/2.8 on Ilford FP4.

The Contax is a nice camera as it is solid (brick-like) with motor drive and spot or centre-weighted metering.



Olympus Mju

This was taken in Reading on a Saturday morning near the market. I had the little Olympus Mju with me. A tiny 35mm film camera with autofocus and auto exposure. It’s a great little camera for taking people shots, and because it is so small they are either unaware of it, or see it as ‘non-threatening’. A DSLR can cause people to react. This camera had been lying, unused, in a drawer for some years.

Back from holiday

We haver just got back from a 10 day break. We had two days in Bucharest, 7 days on the Danube and 2 days in Budapest. Great weather, and a few towns/cities that were new to us. Photos to follow when I have had time to edit them.

The photo above was taken on our Burma trip in April. It was extremely hot, especially the marble walkways around the temple – you had to go bare-foot. The shot was taken on a Fuji X-M1 with the 14mm/2.8 – a great lens in confined spaces.

Officer of the Guard

The Changing of the Guard parade through Windsor no longer takes place every day, I think it changed a few years back. It is now every other day, and it is best to check on the web if visiting. A lot of people know that the New Guard goes into the palace at 11:00, but seem unaware that the Old Guard then comes out at about 11:20. This was taken as the Old Guard came out. The officer was at the back of the Guard. The regiment was the Irish Guards, as shown by the shamrock on the officer’s collar. I am fairly close, only about 4-5 meters, so the 135mm allows a narrow depth of field which ‘isolates’ him against the background.

Pentax LX with 135/2.5 lens – I think it was on HP5 film.

Street art walk – London

There are a number of small companies who run different themed walks in and around London. We took a street art/graffiti trip with “Mind the Gap Tours”. It was 3 hours and we thoroughly enjoyed it. It was through a number of the East End streets, ending up around Brick Lane. The guide was very good. Graffiti comes in all shapes and sizes, and not everyone agrees with it – anarchic? Anyway, I happen to like it. This was one of the pieces.

Fuji X-PRO1 with 35mm/2.0.