Officer of the Guard

The Changing of the Guard parade through Windsor no longer takes place every day, I think it changed a few years back. It is now every other day, and it is best to check on the web if visiting. A lot of people know that the New Guard goes into the palace at 11:00, but seem unaware that the Old Guard then comes out at about 11:20. This was taken as the Old Guard came out. The officer was at the back of the Guard. The regiment was the Irish Guards, as shown by the shamrock on the officer’s collar. I am fairly close, only about 4-5 meters, so the 135mm allows a narrow depth of field which ‘isolates’ him against the background.

Pentax LX with 135/2.5 lens – I think it was on HP5 film.


2 thoughts on “Officer of the Guard

  1. You have (once again) shown that film works as before. The officer looks like he knows what he is doing. Thank you the info about the changing of the guards! Is it the same in London?


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