Texting each other?

Probably not.

Fuji X-PRO1 with 18mm/2.0


Best dressed man in London?

This gentleman was having his picture taken, so I joined in. He looked very ‘dapper’; you might say he was wearing ‘full fig’ – check out the shoes . I think he is a local character.

Olympus SP35 with the 42mm/1.7 on Ilford FP4 film.

Drinking alone

Taken through the door of a small wine bar on Carnaby Street. Olympus SP35; the fixed focal length of this rangefinder is quite good for street shots. It is a 42mm f1.7. The film was Ilford FP4.

Burmese dancer

We had a holiday in Burma in April, it included two weeks on a boat on the Irrawaddy. One night we had a troupe of traditional Burmese dancers on board. I wanted some shots, but knew I would need flash. I didn’t want the usual ‘frozen’ flash pictures, I wanted some movement. I am a bit of a novice with flash – sad to say after using cameras for 55 years. I was using my Fuji X20 and tried ‘slow-synchro flash’ with the camera set to 1/8th second and f5.6. The blue blur is a twirling umbrella. The shot below was 1/8th at f9.0



Bridge camera

Most of us are guilty (to some extent) of thinking that the latest ‘kit’ will make all the difference to our photos. But deep down we know that isn’t true. I took some time a year ago to walk round Westminster with my old Panasonic/Lumix FZ50 bridge camera. Very small sensor and not much use shooting colour above 400ISO. However, I like it in mono, and then it’s not bad up to 800 ISO. Lots of shutter lag, and pretty slow autofocus – but that’s part of the challenge.

The PM of India was visiting 10 Downing Street so the Sikhs (who don’t like him) were holding a demonstration. I like this shot for the beards. I was pretty close, using the wide end of the zoom, but they were too busy to notice me.

Lunch – Borough Market

Borough Market in London is a great place for photos. At the time I had just bought a refurbished X-PRO1 from Fuji, as well as the ‘new’ 35mm f2.0. That was the combo for this shot. There are lots of eating places around the market selling all kinds of ‘street food’.


On my two day photo trip to London I took along my old Leica M3 (double-stroke). I was using a very old 50mm/3.5 collapsible Elmar lens. This was back to basics. Everything manual. Film was Ilford HP5.

Village barber

We had got off the river boat to take a walk through one of the small towns on the banks of the Irrawaddy. The customer was a little surprised when I stepped in to take the photo, although the barber was quite happy to have the free publicity. The ‘shop’ was completely open to the street, so it was pretty easy to get up close. I used the Fuji X100.