Carnaby Street

Some weeks ago I took myself off into London for a couple of days. I wanted to walk some of the streets using film only – I left my digitals at home. I took an old double-stroke Leica M3 and an Olympus 35SP and a bunch of films. There is something different about shooting with film, it certainly slows you down. For many of the shots I took general light readings with a separate light meter and then set the Olympus manually. Of course, with the Leica, that is the only way it will operate. For many of the shots I used zone focus with the lens set at around 5m.

Carnaby Street may have been ‘happening’ in the 60s but it is a bit old hat now. Apart from the name, not much different from any other London pedestrianised shopping street.

Shot with the 35SP.


3 thoughts on “Carnaby Street

  1. With modern autofocus it’s not so necessary, although it can speed up operations as it cuts out one thing the camera needs to do. I use it a lot on old film cameras as my eyes are not so good as I have got older – not fast enough for moving street shots.

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