Taken on a walking trip in London. Shot from the hip with X-PRO1 and 18mm/2.0.


3 thoughts on “Generations

  1. Poul, some might say “Too many”. I have over 20 film cameras of various kinds from rangefinder to SLR, with a raft of lenses. Still like using them.
    In digital I have my old Olympus C8080 which I will probably use again this week as we are in London for a couple of days. Also the Panasonic FZ50 bridge camera. More recent additions are the Fuji X20; X-M1; X100 and X-PRO1. For these I have the 14mm/2.8; 18mm/2.0 and 35mm/2.0. Then, Nikon D3100 & D7200 for which I have the 18-55; 18-105; 50-300, 35/1.8 and 50/1.8; also Sigma 10-20mm (hardly used). The D7200 is mainly for wildlife and airshows. I ought to rationalise and trade the Nikon gear for Fuji, but have not got around to it yet.


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