Those ‘selfies’.

People are totally taken with selfies – a habit I don’t understand and have not fallen into; maybe because I don’t own a smartphone. It seems that if you don’t have a picture of a landmark with yourself in the picture, then you have not been there. This was on the South Bank in London. Behind the lady is the London Eye. She had the phone positioned so that she could get herself and the Eye in the shot. She looked a little bemused when I asked her if she was practising her golf swing.

Olympus 35SP rangefinder with HP5 film.


4 thoughts on “Those ‘selfies’.

  1. Great shot. I thought she had a golf club, but I couldn’t imagine how she could swing it with the wall next to her.

    I recently visited Niagara Falls and the people taking selfies were rude beyond comprehension – complete disregard for other people around them because they are entitled to disrupt other visitors (sorry to rant).


  2. In a way I can understand the selfie as such, but the selfie stick is is the limit. Especially if they shoot video as they stroll along with a cheesy smile on their facees. The only positive aspect is that you can shoot as many photos of them as you like, and they will never notice.


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