I enjoy using old film cameras as  well as the modern digitals. This blog will be about some of the photos I have taken in the last few years, as well as more recent ones. Most of the shots will be either street, travel, safari, wildlife or air-shows.

In those posts where the shots featured were taken with film I will say a few words about the particular camera I used, and why I used it. This blog will not be about me, other than what the reader might infer from the photos posted.

The photo above was taken in Reading with the very small Olympus Mju compact camera. This camera is one you can carry in a shirt pocket, has auto exposure and auto focus. There is no facility to use the camera in manual mode. The camera reads the ISO/ASA from the film cartridge and has no facility for changing the ISO. Unlike a digital, all shots on the film are at the one ISO setting; in this case, HP5 film with ISO of 400.